co-active coaching model ppt

By | 08.08.2017

The Co-Active Coaching Model

Assisting the student in framing and attaining their own goal paths. Good Questions for Good Health: Co-active coaching addresses pieces of the clients whole life.

model ppt co-active coaching

The Client is Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole.

Exploring together from the context of curiosity allows for non threatening exploration from a playful and innocent state, full of wonder and lacking in judgment. She's a gifted coach, highly intelligent with a deep understanding of her field, and unmistakably committed to her clients. Learning comes in many forms, from what they learn about themselves and their desires, to what they learn through their actions and even what they learn by not taking action. USER Last modified by: Ayelet was an excellent listener and could be spoken to easily and comfortably.

Committed to people development

Achieving goals can be very satisfying indeed, but most clients find that living a life on purpose, on the path toward the goal is fulfilling as well. There is truly something for everyone! I still refer back to my sessions with Ayelet and consider the things that I have gleaned from them. If you are controlling the meeting you are not coaching?.

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model ppt co-active coaching model ppt co-active coaching model ppt co-active coaching

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