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By | 14.07.2017

DNSSEC Resource Records

We've only barely touched the whole "view" thing and can't offer any real advice in configuration, but we did run into one maddening problem regarding rndc that we'll touch on here. Recall the dnssec-signzone command in which we specified a -3 option followed by another elaborate command to generate a random string. Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users. This creates a new file named example. There are plenty of people who've written about how to run BIND in a chroot jail, and we'll add our own experiences.

stuck keygen dnssec

Building and configuring BIND 9 in a chroot jail

This is mainly useful for sites that run private networks inside with a limited public footprint on the outside. This is a list of files that were installed by our own configuration of BIND 9, and it might help you decide what you need to take for a binary-only distribution. This bug affects 2 people.

Other bug subscribers

BIND supports substantial functionality that involves the use of keys, and rndc uses just a small part of it. The dnssec-keygen is used for generating multiple kinds of keys, and in our case we just care about generating one of them. So we typically create a small shell script that will run through the entire jail and affirmatively set everything. Thierry Carrez ttx on Log in or Sign up.

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stuck keygen dnssec stuck keygen dnssec stuck keygen dnssec

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