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By | 26.08.2017

Does Your Phone Work In Hong Kong?

Roaming Data Service After you arrive at roaming destination and successfully subscribe to roaming data service, just simply follow the guide below to set the correct APN name to ensure the roaming data service works properly. But need to call Mumbai, on daily basis. Hi Ron, My husband has just flown to HK for a 3 months project, and he has no WIFI in the appartement where he stays, he wanted to get an internet key or cube, but that can only be done with a contract, is that correct?!

activate data csl

New: Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card By Hong Kong Tourism Board & PCCW

For One2Free, according to their website http: I really appreciate you taking your time out to respond. P30 for a combination of local or international text messages to HK valid for 24 hours.

The validity period of the Step-up Plan is 30 days and it will be counted from the day you subscribe to the Step-up Plan. PCCW 3G prepaid sim has the most wifi hotspots in Hong Kong because most telephone booths are powered by them and each booth has a wifi hotspot. Print Send to a friend.

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activate data csl activate data csl activate data csl

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