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I generally like to reserve this for after the game, so you don't disrupt their fluency by correcting them as they speak. Rather than have everyone go to the front of the classroom to speak, the intensity for shy students may be lowered by having everyone stand up at their desk instead. Use more complicated or obscure problems to make the game more interesting for older students. She also enjoys mountain climbing and hiking and recently completed a charity trek along the Great Wall of China.

esl games activities fun

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Write 3 statements about yourself on the board, two of which should be lies and one which should be true. Play as many rounds as you can so that every student has a chance to be the judge and the leader. Find a person who:.

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These ESL games are great for drilling the structure of questions, answers and sentences that you have recently covered in class. This game is designed for practicing "shopping" dialogue and vocabulary. To make it harder, speed up the actions. All lesson plans are made specifically for teaching English to children. This warm-up activity works well with children.

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esl games activities fun esl games activities fun esl games activities fun

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