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Physical education games

Sit Ss in a circle. As another variation, and to teach Ss times of meals, 6 o'clock could be breakfast, 12 o'clock could be lunch and 7 o'clock could be dinner. Arrange various colors of construction paper in a circle. Begin by clapping the beat to get their attention.

games activities and elementary

Elementary physical education

Alternative play for more advanced students: Help your first grade reader understand verbs by doing them in this boisterous playground relay race. Skip to main content. Next, read an answer to a question and say, 'What's the question? This is designed for one lesson.

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When children transition to their chairs, have them pretend to swim, prance like a horse, hop like a bunny, move like a turtle, walk like an elephant, etc. Primary school children love this game. Run, jump, and skip your way to physical fitness as your exercise with dice!

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