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By | 25.08.2017

2017 Group Games Ebook

If a radio is playing, this can be done with a song when it first comes on. If you make good choices that is! Write out a list of items that you would see on a long road trip , such as farm animals, fast food restaurants, motorcycles, etc. Across the top row, write categories like "girls' name, boys' name, body part, animal, place, occupation, color, car" etc. At dinner that night or wherever you congregate, put the artwork up for votes.

activities games bus

These 10 games are perfect for motorcoach travel, with short, fun quizzes made to test your trivia knowledge.

You'll enjoy yourself, kill time and maybe even make some new friends. You can easily move your own arms in a subtle manner to change up the so-called pattern. Each player guesses where he thinks the pointer will land when the bus stops at the final destination. Smaller versions of classic board games, such as Scrabble and Backgammon are designed for use in the car or on a bus.

Introduction: Stay Entertained on Long Bus Rides

You'll be entertained for hours. The dog lives, huh? There's always something you can do, so don't die of boredom, please.

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activities games bus activities games bus activities games bus

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