6th grade cuneiform activity

Did writing enable those complex systems to arise or did complex systems create the need for a more sophisticated system of writing? Emergence and Evolution This lesson teaches students about the writing system in Mesopotamia and how to analyze the purposes writing served in Mesopotamia with an emphasis on how those purposes evolved as the civilization changed. Animals, on the other hand, rely primarily upon instinct and that which they learn from the immediate world around them.Read More »

earth day for schools activities

Grades Pair Editing Students share their edits and then edit solo. Strive to be Toxics Free: Need a great idea for a quick Earth Day activity? You'll find an abundance of interesting projects that involve students in Internet learning and saving the Earth.Read More »

coaching team building activities

Again, this is a simple yet effective teams-based exercise that pits one team against another and can also help to develop a sport-specific skill. Get more grassroots gold. Let the team vote on the funniest and post all of the results. Before you Start Remember, team building activities are designed to do exactly that, so you need to identify exactly how your team currently interacts and select exercises that could improve any weak-spots.Read More »

3rd grade weather activities

Why do we have Different Climates. They create reminders and posters to help their families remember to turn off lights and reduce hot water use. British Antarctic Survey The home page of this web site lists current temperatures in Celsius at various locations in Antarctica. To further integrate literacy skills into these three lessons, try:Read More »

elementary tech ed activities

An Attitude of Gratitude Middle-school students think "outside the box" to identify unusual things they're thankful for, and then use digital content audio, images, movies to represent those things on a PowerPoint slide. Classroom Problem Solver Dr. Where are the computers located?Read More »